Jim Basham

Methods of Biblical Change - PSY 3306 - Online
Essential Qualities Of a Biblical Counselor - PSY 3307 - Online

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Jim Basham became a Christian at the age of 14. He has been married to his wonderful wife Erika for over 10 years. They have a daughter which keeps them very busy.
Jim has been in practice for 7 years but has been the owner of North Texas Counseling for the last 3 years.
He has a Masters Degree from Dallas Baptist University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor.
Jim has been in Ministry for 12 years and has been a pastor at a local church as a marital, pre marital and support group director.
Jim enjoys his family, his friends, his church, riding motorcycles, fishing, and the occasional trip to the gym.
Having the opportunity to be apart of Arlington Baptist College is an incredible blessing. This is a great school with students and faculty that love the Lord. I cannot think of a better group to be apart of than one that is filled with those who are set apart for Christ. asses