Emil Balliet

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Emil Balliet was born in Ohio and grew up on the family farm. He accepted Jesus Christ during his teen years. He met Charlotte, his wife, in his senior year of high school and they married in 1967. They moved to Texas in 1968 to attend Arlington Baptist College (Bible Baptist Seminary). Emil and Charlotte have two daughters,

Emil Balliet graduated from Bible Baptist Seminary with a Bachelor of Divinity Degree in 1971. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree at ABC in 1973. Then he graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a Master of Arts in Ministry in 2002. He has also completed certification as a Chaplain with Victim Relief Ministries and is certified as a Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) counselor. He is certified as a counselor for Life Innovations’ Prepare/Enrich Marriage counseling program.


Emil Balliet was on staff at the Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, Texas from 1968 through 2003. He served as Associate Pastor to Dr. Earl K. Oldham and Dr. Wendell Hiers. During that time Emil and Charlotte worked as a ministry team directing the Career Bible Class. He directed the week of Kids Kamp every summer and planned adult winter retreats and marriage retreats. In 2000 he developed and administrated a Family Life Ministry for the Calvary Baptist Church. He also established a Crisis Care Ministry for the congregation and community outreach.

In 1994, Emil Balliet joined the faculty of Arlington Baptist College as an adjunct instructor. He became Dean of Students and member of the faculty in 2004. He administrates the ABC Campus News email newsletter, with the purpose of communicating with alumni, friends, and supporters of Arlington Baptist College. Encouraging students is the heartbeat of his ministry as the Balliets visit churches where students are active in local church ministries. He is available for pulpit supply and representation/promotion of ABC.

Emil Balliet has served the World Baptist Fellowship as elected to the following positions: Chairman of the Nominations/Resolutions Committee, Publications Committee, WBF Secretary, WBF Second Vice-President, WBF First Vice-President.

He serves the community as Chaplain at the Grand Prairie Police Department. He is also a member of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team for the city of Grand Prairie, Texas.