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James Baldridge (aka “J.B.”) was born in Beaumont, Texas into a large family of ten children (3 boys, 7 girls). He trusted Christ as his Savior when he was the ripe old age of seven. In 1984 he married his beautiful wife, Cathy. Later, God blessed J.B. and Cathy with two wonderful children, Aaron and Callie. The Baldridge family currently lives in the Wedgwood addition of south Fort Worth and enjoys spending time together while camping, boating, watching sports, and just about anything fun.

J.B. felt the call of God on his life in October 1983 while attending his home church in Big Spring, Texas (Trinity Baptist Church). In January 1984 he enrolled in the pastoral ministries program at Arlington Baptist College where he graduated in 1988. In the fall of that same year he became a full-time student at Dallas Theological Seminary. In December 1993, JB completed his studies at DTS and graduated with two Masters degrees (MA in Biblical Studies; MA in Christian Education). His pursuit of post-graduate work (doctorate) will resume after is children are grown. For now, JB is working on his "Daddy" degree.

While working on his graduate studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, J.B. accepted a full-time position as Youth Minister/Associate Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Decatur, Texas. His many years of service there proved to be as much fun as it was fruitful.

In 1991, J.B. began to write and teach several courses as a part-time professor at Arlington Baptist College. In 1998, he left his ministry at Calvary Baptist Church and accepted a full-time position as professor and Christian Service Director at the college while serving as a part-time staff member at Harmony Baptist Church in Arlington. Currently, JB balances his fulltime positions at the college with his responsibilities as part-time Minister of Education at Pleasantview Baptist Church in Arlington where he has served since December 2001.
To add to the full plate of family and ministry responsibilities at the college and in his church, J.B. will often accept invitations to speak at various churches, camps, conferences, schools, and seminars.