ENG 3303 American Literature II
Alicia Massingill
Class Information:
Course: ENG 3303 American Literature II
3 Credit Hours
Classroom: Online

Contact Information:
817-461-8741 ext. 132 (office)

cell# 817 524-5901

Required Text
Baym, N. (2002). The Norton Anthology of American Literature, (6th ed.). NY: W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN 039397969-5.

College Mission Statement
The mission of Arlington Baptist College is to prepare men and women for Christian life and ministries, both lay and professional, through studies in Bible, general education, church vocations, and practical service, integrating faith and learning in the context of a Christian world view.

Course Description
A study of American literature from the Civil War/Reconstruction period through the modern era. The course emphasizes the literary significance of selected writers, their works, and the social context in which they wrote.

Methods of Instruction
The instructional methods will include:
  • online learning lessons
  • individual consultation with instructor
  • chat room discussion groups (chat feature)
  • discussion thread messages (discussion board)
  • cooperative/collaborative learning activities

Course Objectives
At the end of the course, students will be able to:
  • describe key American authors, titles, movements, and trends from 1865 to present.
  • recognize interconnections between the key social and historical contexts from which works of American literature since 1865 spring.
  • identify, compare, and analyze major themes of American literature from 1865 to present.
  • identify, understand, and differentiate schools and movements in American literature since 1865.
  • define and use correctly literary terminology relevant to the authors, texts, themes, movements, and time period studied.
  • interpret, interrogate, and analyze in writing literary content and contexts since 1965.
  • research American authors, texts, and literary subjects on the Internet.
  • become familiar with authors’ lives, styles, and works in the light of Biblical principles.

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McQuade, D.,, The Harper American Literature, (2nd ed.). Vol. 2.
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Evaluation Criteria
Point Value
Point Total
Discussion Board Posts
8 @ 25 points each
Responses to classmate’s discussion board posts *1 per lesson
8 @ 25 points each
8 @ 25 points each
Midterm Exam
200 points
Final Exam
200 points

1,000 points